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Door to door delivery via sea and air

Irrespective of where you are doing business from, we deliver your Amazon FBA shipment to your doorstep. Our door to door delivery service operates in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia and many other countries. Shipments will be done via sea or by air. If you are receiving goods from multiple suppliers in China, upon your request, we can consolidate all supplies in to one shipment for convenience. Our door to door delivery service relieves the customer of all logistic related matters, as we handle everything from custom clearance documents at both ends to goods inspection, labeling and repacking.

FBA Cargo Consolidation

If your suppliers are from several different locations in China, doing multiple shipments of goods will increase the cost, as you’ll have to pay the freight charges for multiple shipments. We can save your money by collecting goods from multiple suppliers and creating a consolidated shipment which will have a one-time cost. The goods will be delivered to the Amazon warehouse as a single cargo.

FBA Preparation and Inspection

Our high quality service include making sure the goods delivered are FBA ready. We subject the shipment to thorough inspection and do the necessary ground work with our FBA experts to make sure it is ready for FBA shipping.

Product Inspection

Before shipping, we make sure the supply is in order with the request. We put all packages under scrutiny externally to make sure there are no damaged packages, and that everything supplied is according to the specification of the order specification given to us. Upon request from customers, we can even open up packages and inspect the goods individually to make sure they are in good condition. Our intention is to ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers in delivering a quality shipment that has no room for return or complaints.


Our labeling service ensures that your brand label is applied to all products and that they have the necessary FNSKU and FBA box labels applied in order to meet the Amazon requirements, before the items are sent out. You can create labels on their Amazon account, when you add inventory to your Amazon seller account. Then you can print the labels by using the ‘Save as PDF’ option and save the PDF file in your computer. When you send us this labels PDF, along with your shipping order, we will tag the labels on the relevant products.

OEM Branding & repackaging

The full potential of trading ‘made in China’ goods can be achieved only if you have a good branding. A well-known brand logo or a custom designed package (OEM) adds a significant value to your product. This is very important if you are small business owner selling on Amazon. We undertake repackaging your supply from China with branded material, to suite your marketing requirements. This branding and repackaging takes place before it’s shipped from China. We ensure that the custom branding meets all marketing requirements specified by the customer.

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