Fast Shipping from China

Not receiving your goods on time from China? Unhappy with the excess shipping cost and taxes? Encounter issues with your shipments? Looking out to resolve your FBA shipping problems?

Look no further – OnTrack Shipping Services is there to solve all your shipping issues

Our Services

  • Lowest cost and highest quality freight forwarding service

  • Fast shipments from China

  • No overhead of document processing

  • Door to door delivery from China via air or sea

  • FBA cargo consolidation from different suppliers in China

  • Product inspection and verification

Our Process

If you are an Amazon seller, and if you need us to handle your FBA shipment, this is how we work:

  • Ask your supplier in China to deliver your supply to our collection center. Upon request, we can even arrange pickup of good for a reasonable fee.
  • We would inspect your cargo for damaged packaging, order mismatches before shipping it by courier.
  • Upon request, we would repackage and label your products to meet Amazon requirements.
  • We would prepare and arrange all necessary customs documentation to ensure your cargo is released without delay or any other issue. These documentation include import/export permits, custom clearance documents, and tax & duty forms.
  • Once the shipment is sent out, we provide you with a tracking number for your shipment, using which you can follow the whereabouts of your shipment.

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