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If you are a seller on Amazon, and your suppliers are most probably from China, there’s one critical question you need to resolve – how can I efficiently ship my supply from China to Amazon FBA? The answer is – OnTrack Shipping Services. We are a company providing complete and customizable FBA solutions for Amazon sellers – which includes labeling, inspection, branding and shipping & deliver.

Located in Guangzhou, China, OnTrack Shipping Services is quite new to FBA shipping, however, there’s plenty of experience in cargo shipping and delivery under the company’s belt. Our skilled staff members have plenty of experience in managing and handling shipments with efficiency and accuracy. Over the years, we have successfully served a number of leading companies around the globe with their shipping needs. Then we decided that it’s time we move up the ladder and take the challenge of FBA forwarding.

FBA shipping is quite a challenge and huge responsibility. Because of Amazon’s reputation in satisfying customer expectations to the highest standards, Amazon sellers can’t afford to make mistakes with their orders – be it a delay, damaged goods or not meeting product specifications. It’s quite a challenge for a seller to handle FBA shipping on his own – with all the paperwork, inspection, packaging and other rendezvous. A professional FBA shipping service like ours is the best option for a seller to ensure that they would deliver a quality product to their customer, just as the customer expects.

At OnTrack Shipping Services, we will become your trusted associate in ensuring your orders delivered from your supplier – wherever in China he is, is in good condition and that it meets the product specification. Before shipping your cargo to Amazon warehouses, we inspect the product packaging, product listing and even undertake labeling and repackaging to uplift its quality of delivery. In short, we are the pillar that bridges your service with your customers’ satisfaction.

With OnTrack Shipping Services as your FBA shipping partner, you wouldn’t have to worry about repeated order shipments, excess cost and extensive procurement processes. We handle all that for you. Our young and enthusiastic staff is keen on making sure not to make any mistakes when handling FBA shipments, because our mistakes could ripple the loss for you if such a mistake reaches your customer. Our value is in maintaining our clients’ trust and confidence that they rely on us completely to take care of their FBA shipments.

We continue to grow, expand and improve our services by utilizing the latest technology and trends. With us your FBA shipments are safe and complete as they could ever be. Come, join hands with OnTrack Shipping Services to take your online retail business to the next level.

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