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Not receiving your goods on time from China?
Unhappy with the excess shipping cost and taxes?
Encounter issues with your shipments?
 Looking out to resolve your FBA shipping problems?
Look no further – OnTrack Shipping Services is there to solve all your shipping issues

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Whether your selling on Amazon, Shopify or Ebay, OTS is your go to partner for all sourcing activities from China. Take the hassle out of sampling, supplier selection and shipping by availing our low cost services

Door to Door Delivery

Our door to door delivery service relieves the customer of all logistic related matters, as we handle everything from custom clearance documents at both ends to goods inspection, labeling and repacking.

FBA Cargo Consolidation

We can save your money by collecting goods from multiple suppliers and creating a consolidated shipment which will have a one-time cost. The goods will be delivered to the Amazon warehouse as a single cargo.

FBA Preparation and Inspection

Our high quality service include making sure the goods delivered are FBA ready. We subject the shipment to thorough inspection and do the necessary ground work with our FBA experts to make sure it is ready for FBA shipping.

Product Inspection

Before shipping, we make sure the supply is in order with the request. We put all packages under scrutiny externally to make sure there are no damaged packages, and that everything supplied is according to the specification of the order specification given to us.

Product Labeling

Our labeling service ensures that your brand label is applied to all products and that they have the necessary FNSKU and FBA box labels applied in order to meet the Amazon requirements, before the items are sent out. 

OEM Branding & repackaging

The full potential of trading ‘made in China’ goods can be achieved only if you have a good branding. A well-known brand logo or a custom designed package (OEM) adds a significant value to your product.

I used their service to get samples delivered to me for my Amazon store. They saved me quiet big a sum of money. I only got the best samples. 

Michael Roberts

What Happens if you don't Use OnTrack Shipping Services?

You will NOT be able to filter out the low quality samples

You will NOT be able to avoid higher international shipping costs

You will NOT be able to save time and will limit your product sourcing choices

You will NOT be able to sound more professional by asking him to send your samples to 'YOUR OFFICE' in China.

Get in Touch with us

We will collect and inspect your samples from your suppliers and send you a detailed report FREE of charge. You can then save up to 70% on the shipping costs knowing you are getting the absolute best samples sent to you ( saving you a lot of time, money and headaches )

Every Answer for your Questions

Can I really get my first 5 samples for FREE?

Yes during our launch we are offering your first 5 samples for 100% FREE. That’s right no catch, no gimmicks so take advantage of this today – we are confident you will be blown away by the service we have to offer – so, its only right that you get to try our service out 100% risk FREE. Get your samples to us for free today.

How will you coordinate with our supplier to receive my samples?

We will be in touch with your supplier to receive your samples as soon as you complete your sample dispatch request via email and/or phone call to ensure that your package safely arrives at our office. You can also use auto generated email to send to your supplier, enabling him to update shipping information in our system as soon as he dispatches your sample. This will keep both you and our team updated with the sample shipping process along with making it easy to track.  

Is there any time/quantity limitation of sample storage?

Yes.. We do recommend our users to limit their storage up to 30 samples max at a time, with no more duration of 60 days for a sample to stay in their dock.. Having said that we do believe that these time limits are enough to take care of 95% of our members. If you have any custom requirements, please do discuss that with our support team.

WIll I need to pay any fees if I get help from Dock Dragon to pay sample free to my supplier?

NO… Dock Dragon does not charges any additional service charges, incase you require our help to pay sample charges to the supplier. However you do have to pay the associated paypal transaction fees along with the currency conversion charges incase you send amount in any other currency than Chinese RMB.

What are the product pictures and video shooting limitations?

In general we take 1 – 2 pictures and / or a video of the samples upon receiveing them to show you upon request (which can be added in sample collection request). However while doing samples quality comparisons we take 5 – 6 pictures for the samples being compared to give you better understanding of the samples quality. IF you require more detailed pictures of the sample, you can always add a request along with the sample collection request and it should be done without any additional charges.

How will I pay for samples and shipping?

You can always pay your suppliers directly, if you wish, however if you have to pay with a bank, you may pay up to a $25 wire transfer charge for what may be a $5 sample, and many suppliers in China won’t accept Paypal—but Dock Dragon does! So if you want, you can pay us with your Paypal account and we will pay your supplier locally on your behalf for your samples and shipping.

We posses plenty of experience in cargo shipping and delivery under the company’s belt. Your trusted associate in ensuring your orders delivered from supplier.


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